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Home Birth Prenatal Appointment | San Diego Birth Photographer

When you hire a midwife your prenatal appointments are long and thorough. On the average they last 30 to 60 minutes, as compared to the average OB prenatal that lasts 6 minutes.  At the end of your pregnancy the midwives and the assistant make a home visit. Everyone who will attend the birth is invited. Children, grandparents, doulas, photographers, etc. are all welcome. They chat, drink tea, and discuss mom’s fears and desires.  They go over the birth kit & supplies and take a tour of the house to make sure everyone knows where to enter in the middle of the night. Every detail is discussed and no question is dismissed. The position of the baby is determined by manual palpation and all the necessary vitals are taken (blood pressure, fetal heart tones, etc.) It’s a lovely enjoyable visit, with no waiting room. I love homebirth!

Thinking about having a homebirth in the San Diego area? Check out the San Diego Birth Network. We have a great natural birth community here 🙂