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The Birth of baby Nash | Temecula Valley & San Diego Birth Photographer

This beautiful couple, the “M Family” had their first baby and I was blessed to attend and capture the birth. They kept the sex of the baby a surprise – I love that! – and little Nash kept his parents on their toes the last few weeks. At 39 weeks he TURNED from vertex to breech presentation. This mama wanted her little baby to choose his birthday, so she opted out of an elective cesarean at 39 weeks and instead used Chiropractic care, Accupuncture, and various other natural methods to encourage her baby to turn back to a vertex position. It worked! And then we waited…early labor started on Sunday August 12th during a wild tropical storm when mama was 41.2 weeks. I joined the family for doula support for about 9 hours. When I could tell it was tapering off instead of getting closer to birth, I gave the family privacy to rest and recoup for the big day. I went home and waited…and didn’t get called back for a few days! Sometimes, that is how birth is. It’s not always a quick process…and that’s OK! Baby Nash chose Thursday August 16th for his birth day – at 41.6 weeks. I am so happy for this mama because she worked hard for 5 days to birth her sweet son. It was a fabulous day and a beautiful birth.¬†Welcome earthside, baby Nash! xoxo