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Welcome Baby Charles | San Diego Birth Photographer

Congratulations “P Family!” On September 7th, 2012 they welcomed their third child into the world…a surprise BOY after two girls! This was a very special birth for me – it my last in 2012 before my maternity leave – AND it was super awesome đŸ™‚ This family practices the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, and had both of their two girls naturally in the hospital. Their doula moved away (lucky for me!) and I was brought onto their birth team as the doula and birth photographer. I experienced something extra special while watching this mama in labor… it was as if I was watching myself. We labor and birth very similar so while I was observing I got a glimpse into what my own doula experiences. Wow, pretty profound morning! I was called early in the morning and joined them while it was still dark. We hung out in the bathroom having light conversation and laughing at the old way of timing contractions vs. the new “apps.” They even had their last birth contractions on paper to show me. Mama was relaxed and somewhat in denial still (she had been experiencing practice contractions for a few weeks), but daddy and I knew it was the day and that it wouldn’t take long. When we arrived at the hospital a few hours later, mama was still smiling and calm, completely trusting her body and relaxing with each birth wave. The nurse said “well, I’m gonna have to check you to see if we are going to admit you…” I was laughing inside thinking, “well, the nurse will have a good surprise when she finds out this baby is coming within an hour!” And low and behold, mama P heard the news of her life when her exam revealed “just a rim of cervix left” (aka: almost 10 cm dilated). She erupted in glorious happy tears and soon the urge to push came. I LOVED our OBgyn and Nurse. It could not have gone better. Plus, there was lovely light pouring through window (always a plus for birth photographers who only use flash when needed). 15 minutes and a few pushes later, baby Charles was born! “I have a SON?! Oh my God, I have a SON!”  Beautiful family, beautiful birth. Thank you P Family for inviting me. XOXO